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People (music-related) & Bands

Lubo Alexandrov
This fretted and fretless guitarist and composer combines Bulgarian, Turkish, and Gypsy influences with jazz. His website features mp3s, event and project/band information, and photos.
Jennifer Bell & Bill Mahar
My teacher for many years, Jennifer Bell is a fantastic instructor, saxophonist, musician, bandleader, and person. This is her and her husband Bill Mahar's (who I also studied with via the McGill Conservatory) website and features information and album samples from their bands Altsys and Streetnix.
Alex Bellegarde
Bass player's personal website with mp3s, booking, event, and project information.
Alan Biller
A former New Yorker, this guitarist features mp3s, lessons information, and upcoming event information on his website.
Chris Budhan
Bass player, and entrepreneur whose website is a resource for students of jazz music, as well as information on his City Stages jazz festival.
Home of the band "Byproduct", which is composed of Chet Doxas (reeds and electronics), Jim Doxas (drums), and Zach Lober (bass)- all Montreal-area jazz musicians. The website has mp3s, booking, and event information.
Isaiah Ceccarelli
Drummer, composer, photographer, and writer whose website includes mp3s, booking, event, and other information.
Steve Coleman
Tons of resources available here regarding Steve Coleman, his music, M-Base, and music theory. Seeing as some of his recordings can be difficult to find in stores, Mr. Coleman has chosen to make most of them available at no charge from his website.
Jon Day
Pianist and web designer Jon Day's very slick website contains booking and event information as well as mp3s.
Ben Henriques
Saxophone player's personal website with mp3s, booking, and event, and project information.
Marc Houde
Pianist and closet writer Marc Houde has a number of articles on the philosophy of music at his blog.
Dave Liebman
Saxophonist Dave Liebman's site contains a ton of biographical/discographical/historical information as well as educational information and several original articles written on various musical subjects. Also available are photos, RealAudio recordings of live performances, itinerary, and other information.
Ross MacDonald
Ross is a local Montreal bass player and his website contains booking, event, and extensive equipment information.
Jason Moran
Some resources and mp3s of Jason Moran's music.
Greg Osby
Tons of mp3s of live performances, charts and discussions of original compositions, and other information relating to Greg Osby.
Amandine Paccioni
A very sharp-looking site for pianist, singer, and composer Amandine Paccioni. Contains music samples, booking, event, project and other information.
Martin K. Petersen
Linux- and organ- geek Martin Petersen's site has software and other computer-related stuff as well as mp3s, upcoming gigs, pictures of his organs, and other music-related things.
Bryn Roberts
Mp3s, booking, and event information for pianist Bryn Roberts.
Vanessa Rodrigues
Organist's personal website with mp3s, pictures, booking, and event information.
Maria Schneider
Band leader and composer Maria Schneider's website is a great example of an artist's site built with entrepreneurship in mind. It has a ton of resources regarding her music including recordings, scores, play-alongs, interviews, etc.
Andrew Skowronski
Saxophonist, Planet Smashers cofounder, and software developer's personal website. On the music side of things his website has mp3s and transcriptions.
Joshua Walker
Currently based in Virginia, I met and played with guitarist Joshua Walker through Martin Petersen's Certified Organic Jazz Quartet. His website has pictures, mp3s, and upcoming shows.

People (Non-music-related)

Now that the Internet boom is over and we've all grown up, not too many of my friends still have websites- here are a few that still cling tightly to the good old days.
Alvin Loh
Personal website from a friend of mine from the McGill Computer Science, now a manager at Microsoft. Among other things, contains a slightly dated page of restaurant reviews of Montreal-area restaurants.
David Stephen
My dad's website. Yes, that's right, my dad has a website. It's insane.

Jazz in Montreal

Sorties Jazz Nights
Comprehensive listing of jazz shows happening in Montreal on a weekly basis. Updated every Thursday.
JAZZ Montreal
Musician bios, concert listings, clubs, venues, photo galleries, and more with a focus on Jazz in Montreal. A very ambitious local jazz musician/fan resource project which will hopefully succeed.
Upstairs Jazz Club
Local jazz bar/restaurant with live music most nights of the week.

Reference & Theory

Chord changes to tons of standards. Be careful, though, as some (many?) of the listed chord changes are incorrect and/or very questionable.
Vienna Symphonic Library
This is the website for a high-quality orchestral samples product, but it also includes a very comprehensive reference for the orchestral instruments from which the samples are derived (just click on "Instruments" from the main page).
The Tonal Centre
Andy Milne's straight-forward approach to basic musical concepts (from a jazz point of view) that stands out due to its consideration of "contemporary" sensibilities.

Music Industry

major labels: the problem with music
A very on-the-money description of how the major labels screw over the artists.
Janis Ian Articles
"[...]In 37 years as a recording artist, I've created 25+ albums for major labels, and I've never once received a royalty check that didn't show I owed them money."

Misc Music

rec.music.makers.saxophone/alt.music.saxophone FAQ
A comprehensive FAQ for all things saxophone.
The website for the IRC channel #finale on irc.chatspike.net, which is a channel where users of the music notation software Finale idle and help each other out with technical issues.
A jazz saxophone blog with some good content.


AI.implant/Biographic Technologies, Inc.
AI-driven animation for games and special effects. (where I used to work)
Initially, SJH
Design studio and showroom featuring a custom blend of hand-crafted items, gifts and artwork. (website designed by me)